Solo Hungarian Climber Missing in Everest's Hillary Step Area: Search Efforts Underway Amid Challenging Weather Conditions

KATHMANDU, MAY 25 - A Hungarian climber has lost contact in the Hillary Step area above 8,000m on Mount Everest since yesterday. Suhajda Szilard, who embarked on the challenging ascent without supplemental oxygen or personal Sherpa support, is reported missing by the expedition organizer.

Thaneswar Guragai, General Manager at Seven Summit Treks, stated that Szilard was alone during the climb, and his last known location was the Hillary Step. The team had received his GPS tracking record at 8,700m, but there have been no further signals since then.

Szilard, known for his preference for alpine-style climbing, had previously undertaken similar expeditions on Lhotse, K2, and Broadpeak. This time, he had only requested base camp support from the organizers. Guragai mentioned that search efforts for the missing climber are currently underway, although adverse weather conditions have been hampering progress in the higher camps since this morning.

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