Nepal's Civil Aviation Authority suspends three pilots, including one for 'negative conversation' with ATC

Kathmandu, 9 Chaitra - The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal has suspended three pilots, including one from Annapurna Helicopter, for allegedly violating aviation safety standards. The pilot from Annapurna Helicopter reportedly had a 'negative conversation' with the Lukla tower during a flight.

According to sources, the pilot did not provide correct information to the air traffic controller (ATC). The Authority suspended the three pilots from their respective companies on Thursday. The other two pilots are from Air Dynasty and Fishtail Air, who were allegedly flying a helicopter in the 'Paragliding Zone' in Pokhara.

The Authority has summoned all three pilots to issue a statement. Information officer Jnanendra Bhul informed that a decision regarding the pilots will be made only after receiving their statements.

*Note: The mention of inappropriate language used by the pilot in the previous news has been removed

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